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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lovely weather and recording my exsistence...

*Photo taken by me *
It is such a lovely day here today... down on the south coast of Australia.. Maybe not the sort of weather that most people would call lovely.. but none the less I love it. The sky is grey and misty-looking, there is a soft warm sweet spring breeze and it is a little bit humid. There is no harsh hot sunlight and everything is softened by the grey sky. It is eerily calm, with a few random drops of rain and I suspect that there will be more later on tonight. I feel so at peace in this still comfortable weather it smells so earthy outside and it is so grounding. I am so greatful for today. *smiles*

The Chiron Healing I spoke about went quite well. The first visit I found a real shift in my energy. I am not totally sure what it was, but he uncovered something... well maybe not uncovered but set free a part of me that I had been pushing down deep into myself so I didnt have to deal with it. Once I got home I felt wonderful. I even had fits of giggles- like I hadn't had since I was 16! Real gulping, crying, stomach aching laughter, for no reason at all. I had the urge to laugh and I did, I laughed until my stomach ached and cramped. It was beautiful. I went back for another appointment two days ago, and I can't say I 'felt' anything this time.. but who knows. I don't think I will go back again, I think what he did for me is as much as he will be able to. If nothing more, I am greatful he allowed me to laugh again.
This is my second blog entry and I am wondering if anyone ever will read this stuff... and does it matter if no one does? Maybe I just need to do this to proove I am here.. or that I was here, because really what is the point of one's life long after they are gone, if there is no record that they ever exsisted?
I have made friends with some wattle birds that live in the trees around my home. They are gorgeous, playful and very cheeky birds. They are completely wild, and yet are more than happy to come and sit on my hand and eat some bread crumbs from the palm of my hand. They are becomming more and more friendly. They fly up to the house now when they hear the back door open, which is lovely. They come to greet me in the mornings. I really connect with these lovely wild playful cheeky birds.
Today I have been doing some creating. Making art. I find this sort of weather really inspires me and is really conductive of creative energy. Maybe it is the stillness of the air or maybe it is the few rain drops- and promise of a lot more. Maybe the rain- water; conducts emotion and energy the way it conducts electricity? Who knows. Although I do know that the only other sort of weather that inspires me like this is thunder and lightning storms, hail, and rain on hot days. There is some sort of tangiable energy in this sort of weather. I love it.
Thats all from me for now. Hopefully next time I post an entry I will have some artwork to post up here too!
~Enjoy the Rain~


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