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Sunday, September 24, 2006

So.. new to this blogging thing

Well.. here it is my first blog! I am no longer a blog-virgin. There is something a little bit confronting about sharing your life and ideas with whoever is out there to read it.. but i really think there is a lot to be gained from the feedback and opinions of other people.
I suppose i had better introduce myself! I am 21 years old, I am an Australian (and a patriotic one at that!) I am a Scorpio, I am an artist, I am a witch and I am a Woman, amongst other things.
I was inspired to start this blog because of how much i enjoy reading other people's blogs, especially The Turquoise Journey by The Goddess Leonie. It always amazes me how much i learn from other peoples ideas and thoughts, and i love how much other peoples ideas and thoughts can challenge and inspire me.
So anyway tomorrow i am off to experience Chiron Healing. Exactly what it will entail, im not sure.. I have some physical issues as well as a lot of emotional stuff to work through and try to heal.. so i suppose it will either help, or it won't. Either way it should be an interesting experience. The thing that i thought was quite funny, the actual Chiron Healing was reccomended to me by a mate of my dads, who is so.. straight down the line, anti-alternative healing sort of person.. it was so funny to have him recomend a more alternative therapy.. so im thinking if he found it worked, then it must be good!
Once i get used to this blogging thing i plan to post some photos of my art work so i would love some feedback about it when its up and running!
Anyway that's it from me for now!


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