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Friday, October 13, 2006

Hot sunshine days and shopping and BOOKS!

'One of my forever unfinished artworks!'

Well, it has been the hottest start to October since records began.. so the weather man tells me. I believe it too actually.. We have already had some 36+ degree days which is very hot very early for October. It is also the earliest in the year that I have been to the beach for a swim.
The last week or so I have done some rather intense shopping which I totally ~love~ and as usual I have been buying books, books, and more books... New books, books on sale, second hand books- I love them all! Yesterday I found the most beautiful book at an Angus and Robertson Sale- It is called 'A country woman's journal' It was the first book that caught my eye at the sale. Initially I thought it was maybe and illustrated writing journal or and illustrated diary. Turns out it is the exact replica reprint of a woman named Margaret Shaw, who was a naturalist and kept a meticulous journal and also decorated it with her own beautiful watercolour illustrations of the animals and plants she observed. The print is all her original handwriting, with the spelling errors etc. It is very neat and readable though. The journal was kept well preserved in a drawer in the authors house, since about 1929! For anyone interested in beautiful language, lovely artwork, art, journals or naturalism check it out!!
Also at the moment I am on a bit of a Witchcraft binge, which happens to me from time to time.. I think it is just part of the natural order of things, and the ebb and flow of life. Anyway when this happens I tend to start immersing myself in everything I can read about Witchcraft, books, magazines, internet and I tend to go into a short phase of intense learning.. where I notice things in books that I didnt understand or pick up the first time and I have a lot of little coincidences and serendipitious events and I become more.... well for want of a better phrase, more psychically aware. I love these times. They are always a huge period of growth for me.
Along with my artworks for the upcomming art show I am entering, I have also just began working on designs for my ~*new*~ Book of Shadows, which I am SOOO excited about! I love art and crafty stuff and to be able to combine it with Witchcraft is so lovely!
So I am making a totally handmade Book, the cover is wooden with brass hinges and bolts, and it is approx. A3 size. I am going to fill it with plain white, A3 size cartrige paper. Originally I wanted to use cream parchment, but I couldnt get it in A3 size and even if I could it would have worked out very expensive, so plain white it is. Once it is all together I am going to go through it and start pre-decorating some pages, and decorated elaboratley the front cover page. Then I will bless it and it will be ready to hold my most secret magickal writings. Once I have finished making the book I will post a picture.
Anyway, that is it from me for now... I have a millions things to get done, although truth be told, I will probably end up in an armchair amongst the pages of a new book!!!!
*`*`*`* Fall in love with a great book!*`*`*`*`*